In Support of the Gerson Therapy and Living a Gerson Lifestyle
Below are movies, documentaries and instructional films on healthy eating, juicing, organic living, alternative medicine and more. Dr. Gerson began talking about these same
subjects back in the 1930's that is why he is known today as
"The Father of the Organic Movement." These films provide modern support for the Gerson Therapy and show the
benefits of what we call "Living a Gerson Lifestyle.
Food, Inc
The Fluoride Deception
Burzynski the Movie
Burzynski the Movie
Burzynski, the Movie takes viewers through the treacherous, yet victorious, 14-year journey both Dr.
Burzynski and his patients have endured in order to obtain FDA-approved clinical trials of Antineoplastons,
a gene-targeted cancer medicines that he discovered in the 1970's.

As with anything that challenges the accepted belief system of the medical industry, Dr. Burzynski's ability
to successfully treat incurable cancer prompted numerous investigations by the Texas Medical Board, who
relentlessly took Dr. Burzynski to court in an attempt to halt his research. Likewise, the Food and Drug
Administration engaged in four Federal Grand Juriey investigations over ten years to indict Dr. Burzynski.
Interestingly, all of the investigations resulted in the finding of no fault on behalf of Dr. Burzynski. Finally, Dr.
Burzynski was indicted in a 5th Grand Jury investigation that resulted in two federal trials and two sets of
jurors finding him not guilty.  The charges were so outrageous,  that if convicted, Dr. Burzynski would have
faced 290 years prison and $18.5 million in fines, all for simply finding a cure for cancer.  

Dr. Burzynski's developments have currently completed Phase II FDA-supervised clinical trials in 2009 and
could begin the final phase of FDA testing in 2011–the only thing that could stop the trial, would be a failure
to raise the $150 million dollars necessary to fund the trials.

Antineoplastons are responsible for curing some of the most incurable forms of terminal cancer and when
Antineoplastons are approved, it will be the first time in history that a single scientist, not a pharmaceutical
company, will hold the exclusive patents and distribution rights on an medical breakthrough that will break
the stranglehold the medical industrial complex has on the cancer treatment industry.
Burzynski The Movie
The Beautiful Truth
Garrett is a 15-year old boy living in the Alaskan wilderness with a menagerie of orphaned
animals. Growing up close with nature has given him a deep understanding of nutritional needs
required by diet sensitive animals on the reserve. Unfortunately, the untimely and tragic death of
his mother propelled him into a downward spiral and he risked flunking out of school. This led to
his father’s decision to home-school Garrett. His first assignment was to study a controversial
book written over 50 years ago by Dr. Max Gerson.

Dr. Gerson found that diet could, and did, cure cancer. Gerson's pioneering theories were
controversial at the time (and even today), but Garrett took on the challenge of researching this
amazing therapy, drawing the interest of his neighbors in the small Alaskan community. With the
help of Dr. Gerson’s daughter, Charlotte Gerson, and grandson, Howard Straus, who gave him
the ammunition needed to go in search for the truth – Garrett brought home a truth that would
affect not only him, but his entire Alaskan village – all of whom wanted to know if these claims
were true.

After a number of cancer patients, who were diagnosed as terminal, shared their stories and
their medical records with Garrett, it became abundantly clear that, contrary to the disinformation
campaign spear-headed by the multi-billion dollar medical and pharmaceutical industry, a cure
for virtually all cancers and chronic diseases does exist – and has existed for over 80 years!
Garrett’s mission now is to tell the world.
Run Time: 93 Minutes
The Beautiful Truth
Dying To Have Known
Dying to Have Known
Master filmmaker Steve Kroschel, intrigued by a stunning statement from his last documentary, sets
out to find hard evidence of the effectiveness of the Gerson Therapy, a long-suppressed natural cancer
cure. His travels take him across both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, from upstate New York to
San Diego to Alaska, from Japan and Holland to Spain and Mexico. In the end, he presents the
testimony of patients, scientists, surgeons and nutritionists who testify to the effectiveness of the
Gerson Therapy in curing cancer and other degenerative diseases, and show the hard scientific
evidence to back up their claims. The question that remains is, “Why is this powerful curative therapy
still suppressed, more than 75 years after it was clearly proven to cure degenerative disease?”

In his film, Mr. Kroschel interviews top nutritional and agricultural experts, two surgeons, a Japanese
medical school professor who cured himself of liver cancer over 20 years ago, a lymphoma patient
who was diagnosed as “terminal” over 50 years ago, as well as noted critics of this world-renowned
healing method who dismiss it out of hand as “pure quackery.” The viewer is left to decide for himself
which is the truth.
Run Time: 80 Minutes
The Gerson Miracle
The Gerson Miracle explores the main components of The Gerson Therapy and explains how and why
it has been healing the most advanced cases of cancer using Nature’s own materials and processes
for over 75 years. From food and agriculture to the seemingly harmless elements on our daily lives, the
Gerson Miraclle demonstrates clearly that toxicity in our bodies opens us to disease and it comes from
our modern life.  

Nine Gerson patients relate stories of recovery from the most deadly cancers (liver, ovarian, pancreatic)
up to nineteen years ago. Their inspiring testimonies are powerful evidence of the Therapy’s
effectiveness.  Charlotte Gerson also describes her lifelong efforts to keep the Therapy alive despite
powerful opposition.
Run time: 91 Minutes
The Gerson Miracle
Food Matters
"Let thy Food be thy Medicine and thy Medicine be thy Food" - Hippocrates.
That is the message from the founding father of modern medicine echoed in the controversial new
documentary film FoodMatters from Producer-Directors James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch.
The focus of the film is in helping us rethink the belief systems fed to us by our modern medical and
health care establishments.

Join the world's leading authorities on nutrition and natural healing as they uncover the true cause of
disease. Find out what works, what doesn't and what's killing you. Becoming informed about the
choices you have for you and your family's health and well being can save your life.

With nutritionally-depleted foods, chemical additives and our tendency to rely upon pharmaceutical
drugs to treat what's wrong with our malnourished bodies, it's no wonder that modern society is getting
sicker. FoodMatters sets about uncovering the trillion dollar worldwide 'Sickness Industry' and exposes
a growing body of scientific evidence proving that nutritional therapy can be more effective, more
economical, less harmful and less invasive than most conventional medical treatments.

The film makers have interviewed several world leaders in nutrition and natural healing who claim that
not only are we harming our bodies with improper nutrition, but that the right kind of foods,
supplements and detoxification can be used to treat chronic illnesses as fatal as terminally diagnosed

Run Time: 80 minutes
Food Matters
Healing Cancer from the Inside Out
Healing Cancer From Inside Out
Dying To Have Known - Spanish
The Beautiful Truth
Dying to Have Known
The Gerson Movie Collection on Blu-ray – All 3 Gerson movies on 1
Blu-ray disc.
            The Beautiful Truth
            Dying to Have Known
            The Gerson Miracle
    Receive all three Gerson movies on one Blu-ray disc.
The Gerson Movie Collection on Blu-ray $24.95
Food Matters
Forks Over Knives
Forks Over Knives
What has happened to us? Despite the most advanced medical technology in the world, we are sicker
than ever by nearly every measure.
Two out of every three of us are overweight. Cases of diabetes are exploding, especially amongst our
younger population. About half of us are taking at least one prescription drug. Major medical operations
have become routine, helping to drive health care costs to astronomical levels. Heart disease, cancer and
stroke are the country's three leading causes of death, even though billions are spent each year to "battle"
these very conditions. Millions suffer from a host of other degenerative diseases.

Could it be there's a single solution to all of these problems? A solution so comprehensive but so utterly
straightforward, that it's mind-boggling that more of us haven't taken it seriously?

FORKS OVER KNIVES examines the profound claim that most, if not all, of the so-called "diseases of
affluence" that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting our present menu of
animal-based and processed foods. The major storyline in the film traces the personal journeys of a pair
of pioneering yet under-appreciated researchers, Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn.

Dr. Campbell, a nutritional scientist at Cornell University, was concerned in the late 1960's with producing
"high quality" animal protein to bring to the poor and malnourished areas of the third world. While in the
Philippines, he made a life-changing discovery: the country's wealthier children, who were consuming
relatively high amounts of animal-based foods, were much more likely to get liver cancer. Dr. Esselstyn, a
top surgeon and head of the Breast Cancer Task Force at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic, found that
many of the diseases he routinely treated were virtually unknown in parts of the world where animal-based
foods were rarely consumed.

These discoveries inspired Campbell and Esselstyn, who didn't know each other yet, to conduct several
groundbreaking studies. One of them took place in China and is still among the most comprehensive
health-related investigations ever undertaken. Their research led them to a startling conclusion:
degenerative diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and even several forms of cancer, could almost
always be prevented - and in many cases reversed - by adopting a whole foods, plant-based diet. Despite
the profound implications of their findings, their work has remained relatively unknown to the public. The
filmmakers travel with Drs. Campbell and Esselstyn on their separate but similar paths, from their
childhood farms where they both produced "nature's perfect food"; to China and Cleveland, where they
explored ideas that challenged the established thinking and shook their own core beliefs.

The idea of food as medicine is put to the test. Throughout the film, cameras follow "reality patients" who
have chronic conditions from heart disease to diabetes. Doctors teach these patients how to adopt a
whole foods plant-based diet as the primary approach to treat their ailments - while the challenges and
triumphs of their journeys are revealed.

FORKS OVER KNIVES utilizes state of the art 3-D graphics and rare archival footage. The film features
leading experts on health, examines the question "why we don't know", and tackles the issue of diet and
disease in a way that will have people talking for years.

FORKS OVER KNIVES was filmed all over the United States, and in Canada and China.
Forks Over Knives $21.95
Food, Inc.
For most Americans, the ideal meal is fast, cheap, and tasty. Food, Inc. examines the costs of putting
value and convenience over nutrition and environmental impact. Director Robert Kenner explores the
subject from all angles, talking to authors, advocates, farmers, and CEOs, like co-producer Eric
Schlosser (Fast Food Nation), Michael Pollan (The Omnivore's Dilemma), Gary Hirschberg (Stonyfield
Farms), and Barbara Kowalcyk, who's been lobbying for more rigorous standards since E. coli claimed
the life of her two-year-old son. The filmmaker takes his camera into slaughterhouses and factory farms
where chickens grow too fast to walk properly, cows eat feed pumped with toxic chemicals, and illegal
immigrants risk life and limb to bring these products to market at an affordable cost. If eco-docs tends to
preach to the converted, Kenner presents his findings in such an engaging fashion that Food, Inc. may
well reach the very viewers who could benefit from it the most: harried workers who don't have the time or
income to read every book and eat non-genetically modified produce every day. Though he covers some
of the same ground as Super-Size Me and King Corn, Food Inc. presents a broader picture of the
problem, and if Kenner takes an understandably tough stance on particular politicians and corporations,
he's just as quick to praise those who are trying to be responsible--even Wal-Mart, which now carries
organic products. That development may have more to do with economics than empathy, but the
consumer still benefits, and every little bit counts. --Kathleen C. Fennessy
Food, Inc $19.95
The Fluoride Deception
right in this short film is the history of Water Fluoridation in America. Buy it, free your mind, then ask why the
media has fallen silent on this public health crisis. Water Fluoridation is killing America, don't stand for it any

In this video, award-winning journalist Christopher Bryson examines "one of the great secret narratives of the
industrial era; how Fluoride, a grim workplace poison and the most damaging environmental pollutant of the
cold war was added to our drinking water and toothpaste." In this video, Bryson explains the findings of his
highly-praised book, The Fluoride Deception. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, "After
reading Bryson's account of our national infatuation with fluoride, it's hard not to wonder how we could have
ignored so serious an issue for so long."
The Fluoride Deception
Healing Cancer from The Inside Out
If you think conventional treatments cure cancer... If you think diet cannot cure cancer... Think again!

  • "The most important contribution to the cancer battle in the last several
    decades." - Brian Clement, Ph.D. Director of Hippocrates Health Institute
  • "An eye-opening and inspiring documentary." - Meg Wolfe
  • "His message is dynamite." - T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D - The China Study
  • "This film will shake you to your foundations." - Thomas Lodi, M.D.-
    Director, An Oasis of Healing
This DVD is divided into two parts.

Part 1, Curing Cancer
The first half of this film deals with the failings of conventional cancer treatments and shows how
conventional medicine wildly - and deceptively - exaggerates the benefits of treatments, while minimizing
the risks. It will provide you with the information you need to accurately assess the risks and benefits of
any treatment and speak intelligently to your doctor about such treatments. There is also a section on the
'Cancer Industry' which explains the history behind cancer treatments, the suppression of alternative
treatments and why chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are the only treatments available to mainstream

Part 2, Healing Cancer
Shows how cancer can be successfully healed with dietary treatments and natural supplementation. It
explains common misconceptions about cancer, shows how diets designed to fight cancer are more
successful than conventional treatments, discusses startling cancer research findings with T. Colin
Campbell (The China Study) and has interviews with people who have reversed cancers using diet. It
also discusses supplementation and why attitude is important in reversing not only cancer, but any
Healing Miracles Live
Healing Miracle Live - 3 DVD Set
Vol. 1 includes...

  • 5 Steps to Health, Happiness & Sustainability by Dr. Leonard Horowitz.
  • To shift paradigms from poisonous, polluting, chemically intoxicating,
    genocidal "health care", to uplifting and freeing natural healing, we need more
    than activism and intelligence. Dr. Horowitz delivers an awe-inspiring
  • Unleashing Your Inner Healer by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger is a mind-
    expanding educational experience.
  • Mike presents NEW material on self-healing, including a section he calls,
    "How to be your own Placebo Effect."
  • Curing the Incurables by Charlotte Gerson will completely alter your beliefs
    about genes, healing and your potential.
  • Charlotte leaves NO DOUBT about how to prevent, EVEN REVERSE disease -
    naturally. (without drugs or surgery)
  • Reversing Diabetes and Heart Disease by Julian Whitaker, M.D. details the
    medical truths (and lies) of our modern day healthcare system. This program
    could save YOUR life!
  • Don't miss (and listen carefully) to Dr. Whitaker's urgent warning to everyone at
    the end of his presentation.
  • All Juiced Up! with Jay Kordich, the Father of Juicing is an inspirational
    message about the power of juicing raw (living) fruits and vegetables.

                                  Run Time - 151 mins. total
Meet the Experts:

Dr. Leonard Horowitz is an internationally-known authority in the overlapping fields of public health, behavioral
science, emerging diseases, and natural healing. Dr. Horowitz invites you to join the healthy world revolution
with his mind-blowing presentation, 5 Steps to Health, Happiness and Sustainability.

Mike Adams is a natural health researcher, author and award-winning journalist with a passion for teaching
people how to improve their health. Join the Health Ranger as he explores the power of belief and
self-healing. This presentation will have you feeling confident, fully charged and ready to put your self-healing
into high gear. Discover the power of Unleashing YOUR Inner Healer.

Charlotte Gerson is dedicated to healing and preventing degenerative diseases based on the vision and
successful work of her father - the great physician, Max Gerson, M.D. For over 35 years, Charlotte has brought
hope and healing (worldwide) to thousands of people suffering from chronic illness and degenerative
disease. Her presentation, Curing the Incurables will expose the true cause of all disease, genetic myths plus
much more!

Julian Whitaker, M.D. runs the largest alternative medicine clinic in the United States. He and his staff have
successfully treated more than 45,000 patients with his unique program of diet, exercise, nutritional
supplements and noninvasive therapies. Dr. Whitaker reveals the hidden truth (and lies) behind diabetes and
heart disease. This educational presentation will forever change the way you think about modern
(conventional) healthcare.

Jay Kordich is the world's expert on live juicing. At 25, Jay experienced bladder cancer and, in just 3 months,
this former football star at USC, dramatically improved his health and became inspired to teach all who would
listen. Jay has appeared in over 500 television shows, over 1,000 radio talk shows, and countless
publications, such as, PEOPLE Magazine and USA TODAY. Discover the power of juicing with Jay's
inspirational message, All Juiced Up!

Jonathan Landsman is the host of Healing Miracles Live, the NaturalNews Talk Hour & Managing Director of For over 25 years, Jonathan has been in the health industry helping thousands of
people to reach their wellness goals. He is dedicated to the belief that any one can dramatically improve the
quality of their life with proper nutrition, detoxification and a healthy mindset.
Healing Miracles Live $29.95
Joe Cross' charming personality and Phil Riverstone's jaw-dropping transformation could
not be more inspiring. So, caution, "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" may be good for your
I was so inspired after watching this movie I pulled my juicer out of the closet and I'm
heading to Whole Foods today to pick up some good veggies and fruits.
Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
CANCER is Curable NOW

CANCER is Curable NOW might be the breakthrough that brings alternative cancer treatment to the
mainstream audience. This documentary brings together more than 30 international, holistic professionals
who have been working passionately in the field of cancer alternatives — doctors, scientists, researchers
and writers from around the world. You've probably heard about many of them in books and on TV, but if
you'd like to see their knowledge explained in a 90 minute firework display of insights, this movie is the
place to do it.

This movie is nearly two-hours in length and very professionally done with some great 3D animations and
some sad, but true, cartoons to lighten things up.
Marcus Freudenmann and his wife Sabrina, a naturopathic doctor, traveled the world with their four children
for almost 3 years to meet the experts. Their mission was to create a film about natural cancer treatments
that would "wake up the world."  In my opinion, it will do just that!

They interviewed a vast array of experts from the English-speaking world as well as many of the doctors at
Mexican and German clinics. You can see the treatments that are used in the top clinics around the world
such as ozone therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, insulin potentiated treatments and all the forms of
hyperthermia — AND you can see the doctors explain how the treatments work!

As one of the doctors says in the film, ‘A few years ago, very few of the patients coming to her were eating
whole, raw, organic foods, much less juicing them. Now ALL of her patients already know all about these
things and they've already started doing them before their first visit. She doesn't have to talk them into a
healthy diet anymore, they know about it and they're ready to go.
Cancer is Curable Now $19.95
THRIVE is empowering, must-see film making, unlike anything you have seen before. With beautiful
graphics and powerful story, producer, director and star, Foster Gamble (of the Proctor & Gamble
family) and his wife Kimberly, connect the dots of what’s really happening in our world. In a practical
and rational manner, Thrive examines why, after thousands of years of growth and technological
advancement, we as a planet and a people still struggle to survive.

This film,  exposes the suppression of life saving discoveries in natural healing, free energy, physics
and other beneficial solutions that would allow us to truly THRIVE. It also irrefutably demonstrates that
there is a real global power structure with a hidden agenda to rob us of our humanity through strict
control of the media, science, medicine, education and the financial system. (That seeks to keep us in
chains through perpetual debt slavery)  Humanity is at a critical crossroads and our choices are
enslavement, or waking up, setting aside our perceived differences and working together to end the
injustice foisted on our world.
This is a great movie!  It's fun, funny, interesting and has a great message!
Hungry for Change
'Hungry For Change', the latest 'Food Matters' film, exposes shocking secrets the diet,
weightloss and food industry don't want you to know about. Deceptive strategies
designed to keep you craving more and more. Could the foods we are eating actually be
keeping us stuck in the diet trap?
In Hungry For Change you will learn

  •    How to navigate your supermarket - what to buy and what to
  •    The real truth behind "DIET", "SUGAR-FREE" and "FAT-FREE"
  •    How to overcome food addictions and cravings
  •    Why fad diets don't work
  •    What food additives to avoid and how to read labels
  •    What is fat and cellulite and how do we get rid of it for good
  •    The most effective detox and cleansing strategies, and
  •    How to eat for clear eyes, glowing skin and healthy hair

The first film in its genre to really empower and provide practical and realistic solutions.
Find out what's keeping you from having the body and health you deserve and how to
escape the diet trap forever. Featuring interviews with best selling health authors and
leading medical experts plus real life transformational stories from those who know
what it's like to be sick and overweight.
AN IMPORTANT NOTE:  This page is not in any way offered as prescription, diagnosis nor treatment for any disease, illness, infirmity or physical    
condition.  Any form of self-treatment or alternative health program necessarily must involve an individual's acceptance of some risk, and no one
should assume otherwise.  Persons needing medical care should obtain it from a physician.  Consult your doctor before making any health decision.
Join Howard Straus (author, scientist, son of Charlotte Gerson and grandson of Dr. Max Gerson) for an in-depth examination of the Gerson Therapy—
how it works, the science behind it and why it works.
Heal Yourself, Heal the World includes . . .
• Historical information on Dr. Max Gerson never before presented on film
• In-depth explanations from scientists, researchers, and nutritional experts on the science behind the Gerson Therapy and why it works
• Reports from doctors who use the Gerson Therapy to heal their patients
• Personal stories from Gerson patients who healed themselves of cancer and other diseases using the Gerson Therapy

Special Features
• The original 1946 broadcast by popular radio reporter Raymond Gram Swing, who detailed the Congressional testimony of Dr. Max Gerson and the benefits of his
revolutionary new method of treating cancer and disease

• A down loadable and printable PDF of Dr. Gerson’s original testimony before the Pepper –Neely  
congressional subcommittee that was considering a $100 million appropriations bill for the study and
treatment of cancer (a rare hiatorical document because Dr. Gerson’s testimony was later removed from
congressional archives)
Gerson DVDs
New from Gerson Media Productions ...
Heal Yourself Heal the World: The Legacy of Dr. Max Gerson
Finally, all of the Gerson Information in One Movie!
Heal Yourself Heal the World: The Legacy of Dr. Max Gerson
Now Available
Got the Facts on Milk?
Got the facts on Milk? (also known as "The Milk Documentary") is a wildly entertaining, partly
animated, award winning feature documentary that dares to question the conventional wisdom of
the much publicized health benefits of milk and dairy products. Addressing myth, truth and all
in-between, the film is a humorous yet shocking exposition that provokes serious thought about
this everyday staple. The film raises questions about dairy's role in cancer, osteoporosis, weight
gain, asthma, acne, early menstruation, and more; covers the preponderance of lactose
intolerance in communities of color, and explains why dairy consumption is fraught with
high-stakes political, economic, ethical and environmental considerations. Got the facts on Milk?
has won several film festival awards, including the audience award at the 2008 Rhode Island
International Film Festival, and has outraged film goers around the world. It sparked a riot at the
South Korea Green Film Festival, shocked the audience at DocAviv Documentary Film Festival in
Israel, and traumatized attendees of the EcoCinema Environmental Film Festival. This film is not
rated. It is a documentary about the potential health effects of milk. The documentary does not
contain violence, nudity, sensuality, drug abuse, or adult themed content.

Run Time: 88 Minutes
Got the Facts on Milk
In Combination with the Gerson Therapy
Grounded tells the true tale of an Alaskan wildlife filmmaker s persistent curiosity and quest to
test the claims of what appears to be an outrageously simple and too good to be true healing
concept physical, bare skin contact with the Earth which may have been known by civilizations
throughout history. New research has started to confirm the unexpected, that the surface of the
Earth has healing power, like a gigantic treatment table. He introduces this concept to his fellow
townsmen in Haines, Alaska (population 1,700), many of whom suffer from major pain or
disabling conditions. Starting with his own pain relief, he witnesses and films a surprising and
miraculous healing in the town generated by simply grounding people to the Earth, that is,
reconnecting them to the Earth s healing energy. Even an orphaned moose calf named Karen
participates in the healing. The news of the town s response draws the attention of Apollo
astronauts who walked on the moon, as well as doctors and scientists. This highly unusual
and eye-opening movie premieres on many media platforms, beginning in October, 2013. It will
change the way you look at the Earth beneath your feet!
One of the overall goals of the Gerson Therapy is to rebuild your immune system and the delicate biochemical processes
necessary for life. The films below provide information and training on products and ancient healing arts that work in conjunction
with The Gerson Therapy, and supportive of your overall health. Charlotte Gerson writes about Tai Chi and Qi Gong (Chi Gung)
in her most recent books
Healing Arthritis: the Gerson Way, Healing Diabetes: the Gerson Way  and Healing High Blood Pressure:
the Gerson Way
. Howard Straus, son of Charlotte Gerson, author of the award winning biography Dr. Max Gerson: Healing the
and President of Gerson Media, is featured in Grounded  as well as the upcoming sequel. If these subjects are new to
you however and you would like to know more, please contact us here at Gerson Media and we will be the happy to help and
answer your questions.
Tai Chi - Discover the Ancient Art

Now, for the first time, internationally renowned Tai Chi Master Jian Liu Jun shares his deep
understanding of the principles of Tai Chi Chuan (literally “supreme ultimate fist”) with North
American audiences. This famous martial art has been practiced for centuries, both for self-
defense and its legendary physical and mental health benefits.

Spiral Movements form the basis of all Tai Chi Chuan, and in this feature-length program,
Master Jian Liu Jun focuses on them as he teaches the Yi Ying, Yin and Yang, the Five
Elements, the Eight Trigrams, Spiral Movements and the Figure 8. The Figure 8 is a short form,
which is ideal for learning the essential Tai Chi techniques. It is also one of the forms used in
Chen style Tai Chi competitions.

In TAI CHI: DISCOVER THE ANCIENT ART, every exercise is fully explained and illustrated in
detail. Each chapter includes tips on how to get the best out of this superb interactive program.
The DVD was filmed in the Garden of Bronzes at the Coubertin Foundation in Saint-Remy les
Chevreuse, France.
Tai Chi: Discover the Ancient Art
Qi Gong - Discover the Ancient Art
(Pronounced "Chi-Gung")

This well filmed two DVD set is a comprehensive guide to understanding and
learning the 4,000-year-old techniques of Qi Gong, the Chinese practice of aligning
breath, movement and awareness for exercise, healing and meditation.

Qi Gong was developed in China thousands of years ago and is now widely
practiced throughout the world. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) teaches that
illness and disease stem from an imbalance of Chi, the bio-energetic field that
surrounds and flows throughout your body. The practice of Qi Gong builds and
strengthens your Chi or energy, while also helping to open blockages so that it flows
properly throughout your organs and extremities to improve health or maintain good
health. Qi Gong (Chi Gung) is known to aid development of human potential, relay
the mind and body, improve meditation, allow access to higher realms of awareness
and perform feats of great physical strength and stamina.  awaken one’s “true

Over the course of three hours, distinguished martial arts teacher, Master Jian Liu
Jun demonstrates a broad range of Qi Gong techniques. Akli Hammadi, a Qi Gong
instructor for more than 15 years and a federal monitor for the Tai Chi Chuan and Qi
Gong Federation, guides you through each movement.

  • Disc 1 provides an introduction to Chinese philosophy and the techniques
    required to execute the 18 Tai Chi Qi Gong movements.
  • Disc 2 goes deeper into the movements, exploring the 8 Pieces of Brocade
    and the 5 Animals.

This 2 disc set provides great instruction for beginners as well as more advanced
practitioners of this ancient art.
Qi Gong: Discover the Ancient Art $14.95
Fat Sick & Nearly Dead
100 pounds overweight, loaded up on steroids and suffering from a debilitating autoimmune disease,
Joe Cross is at the end of his rope and the end of his hope. In the mirror he saw a 310lb man whose
gut was bigger than a beach ball and a path laid out before him that wouldn't end well— with one foot
already in the grave, the other wasn't far behind. FAT, SICK & NEARLY DEAD is an inspiring film that
chronicles Joe's personal mission to regain his health.

With doctors and conventional medicines unable to help long- term, Joe turns to the only option left,
the body's ability to heal itself. He trades in the junk food and hits the road with juicer and generator in
tow, vowing only to drink fresh fruit and vegetable juice for the next 60 days. Across 3,000 miles Joe
has one goal in mind: To get off his pills and achieve a balanced lifestyle.

While talking to more than 500 Americans about food, health and longevity, it's at a truck stop in
Arizona where Joe meets a truck driver who suffers from the same rare condition. Phil Staples is
morbidly obese weighing in at 429 lbs; a cheeseburger away from a heart-attack. As Joe is recovering
his health, Phil begins his own epic journey to get well.

What emerges is nothing short of amazing – an inspiring tale of healing and human connection.
Part road trip, part self-help manifesto, FAT, SICK & NEARLY DEAD defies the traditional documentary
format to present an unconventional and uplifting story of two men from different worlds who each
realize that the only person who can save them is themselves.
Hungry for Change
Gerson Therapy
The All Natural Solution for  Cancer
and Chronic Disease
The All-Natural Solution for Cancer and Chronic Disease ...
That Really Works!
Gerson Therapy
Gerson Therapy
updated info on all things
Gerson, patient Q&A, new
products, cool tech & more
Live a cleaner, less polluted life and end the "Better Living Through
Chemistry" existance that is making our planet and our people sick.