July 3, 2015

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  • What is The Gerson Therapy?

    The Gerson Therapy is an all-natural therapy that rebuilds and reboots your immune  your body’s natural defenses that have kept you healthy for years. You see, most diseases are not foreign invaders that just showed up and started attacking your body, they have actually been on the attack since the day you were born.  What has kept you healthy is your immune system battling these diseases 24-7.  It is only when your immune system breaks down and part of it stops working that disease can then take hold. The Gerson Therapy repairs the biochemical processes necessary for health. It restores your Read More

  • Dr Max Gerson

    Why Do You Get Sick?

    Dr. Gerson stated that you become sick from a chronic disease because of… Toxicty and Nutritional Deficiency When your body is filled with toxins and it does not have the nutritional support it needs, complex repair processes are interrupted, cells are forever damaged and your bodies defenses against cancer and chronic disease are greatly reduced. It is commonly believed that chronic disease is a biological invader that finds its way into a body through random chance. Then by carrying out a powerful attack on the immune system, it overwhelms the body’s defenses, allowing it to take hold and grow. This Read More

  • What Are People Saying About The Gerson Therapy?

    Personal Stories of Cancer & Disease Survival Using The Gerson Therapy: Read the words and stories of those who overcame disease and other health problems using the Gerson Therapy, directly from those who did it!

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  • Living a Gerson Lifestyle

    Live a cleaner, less polluted life and end the “Better Living Through Chemistry” existence that is making our planet and our people sick.